Spring and summer are popular times of year to sell a home—but they’re not your only options. While there are fewer buyers available in the colder months, there are things we can do to get our home quickly off of the market during the off-season. And there are even some advantages to selling during the fall and winter months.

Off-Season Matters

While the name may suggest this isn’t the season to sell, the reality can actually be quite different. Although there might be fewer properties up for sale, that also means less competition. There may be fewer people looking to purchase a home at this time of year, but the ones who are looking are serious about buying. Remind yourself of this whenever you have doubts about selling in fall or winter. It’s also important to realize that selling your home during the off-season does not mean making a sacrifice when it comes to the asking price. Research the pricing trends and patterns in your area and how the market performed in previous off-seasons. This last month, for instance, homes in Rosedale have had average sales of $593,000.  A quick visit to our Hudson Valley MLS Search will also clearly show there is no shortage of properties available this time of year.

Theme Your Home

You’re probably planning on celebrating the holidays, which can be a little tricky when it comes to staging your home for an open house. Staging during this time of year allows you to be a little creative, but the decor doesn’t need to be excessive, either. Add a wreath to your front door to give your home curb appeal and a decorative charm. Bring some festive scents into your home with a drop of holly, apple, or cinnamon sticks. You could even add scenes through your home to nurture a cozy atmosphere, like baked cookies in the kitchen or a lit fireplace if you have one. Whatever you opt for, try to keep things restrained. Some may not be as excited about the holidays as you are, and they could find the house viewing overwhelming or distracting.

Deal with Seasonal Factors

Certain aspects of the off-season can represent potential hazards to both you and any prospective buyers. Perhaps most compelling are the gutters and driveways, especially if your area is prone to snow or rain. Make sure that surfaces are not slippery and are clear so that they can be easily walked. Clear your gutters to prevent possible structural damage to your property (the cost of this service averages $75 – $125). Safety is paramount, but keeping your home in excellent condition can also leave a positive impression on those viewing your house. When it comes to indoors, keep your home at a comfortable and cozy temperature. This serves a dual purpose: it keeps guests warm while providing a demonstration of an important feature. And if you notice a draft or a damaged window that could let heat or cool air escape, then you need to call in a professional to assess the problem and, possibly, replace the glass.

Keep Your Home Fresh

While fall and winter offer up beautiful scenery, the cooler months can wreak havoc on your property. While it may not be feasible to deal with all the detritus, do what you can to keep your yard tidy. Make sure that the inside is also well presented. Get rid of carpeting that has seen better days, and try to deal with any scuffs. Anything that needs a new coat of paint or varnish should be given a fresh look before viewing. You might be surprised by how transformative attending to the minor details can be in giving your home a selling edge.

Brighten Everything

Alongside seasonal embellishments and colors, light can add to a home. Darker months are no friend to a well-staged house unless they are offset by bright sparkle. Thankfully, you have options like hanging mirrors and sheer window covers to offer your home some natural light. Spruce up your artificial lighting by switching out lamp shades and adding high-wattage bulbs. Lighting also offers an opportunity to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Add a lantern or two near your front door to add to the season. You could even direct attention to your well-maintained yard by adding lamps along your driveway.

Prepping houses for sale in Kingston NY during the off-season really just takes a bit of preparation and forethought. Keep your home fresh and seasonal, warm and welcoming. With a few pops of color, both in the garden and the home, you may be on your way to making a sale.

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Article by Suzie Wilson | happierhome.net
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