Organizing Your Kingston, New York Home

Tips from the experts at Windsor Realty Services  


Have you gotten caught up in the joy and wonder of Marie Kondo? Her organizing and cleaning tips have recently taken Kingston homeowners by storm. While having a pro like Marie Kondo help you organize your home can be entertaining, it’s not always practical. Thankfully, you can use a few simple — and even fun — steps to get your Ulster County home decluttered, better organized, and full of more joy and tidiness on a regular basis.

Here’s where to start, presented by Windsor Realty Services.

Make Room for More Practical Storage Space 

Depending on the size of your home, you may be wondering where you will be able to store all of your belongings, without creating more clutter. No matter how small or cramped your home may seem, there are home organizing tricks that can help you add more storage without subtracting from your personal style. Looking for a spot to stash those winter sweaters? Use rolling storage bins and slide them safely under your bed, or install cubbies under the stairs. If you’re somewhat crafty, you can also makeover crates into storage ottomans or shelves to stash all of your stuff. Mount those newly repurposed crates on your walls for vertical storage, but be sure to tailor your new storage to each room and space. And if you want to give these new storage shelves a burst of style, try using peel-and-stick wallpaper whenever possible. These removable options come in a variety of eye-catching styles and patterns, so chances are you’ll have no trouble finding something that matches your home.

Declutter with Purpose Rather Than with Emotion

Creating stylish and custom storage can be a fun project! However, actually reducing what you own can often feel more like a chore. It’s common to have emotional attachments to the things in your home, but if you are dealing with piles of clutter, you could just be creating more stress. So, as you sort through your stuff, try to remember that you are taking an all-important step in lowering stress at home. Work through each room separately, to avoid being overwhelmed, and take everything out so you can easily decide what needs to go. Wondering what to do with all that stuff? Before you toss your unwanted clothing, shoes, or random goods out, consider donating to a charity. Many non-profits will take gently used items, and donating will help reduce the amount of trash cluttering up landfills. 

Shop for New Storage and Multi-Purpose Furniture 

If you’re the type of person who gets more excited about shopping than organizing, then you should take this opportunity to pick out some new pieces for your home. You can look for stylish new bookshelves to add more storage space and have creative options for displaying memorabilia and collections. Shelving can come in all sorts of shapes and finishes and add some funky personality to your space while keeping you well-organized. Looking for something a little less obvious? If so, shop for furniture with added storage built into the overall design. Effortlessly store linens and clothing under your bed with built-in drawers, or check out a coffee table that has storage compartments for blankets, books or pillows. 

Create a Daily Routine to Easily Keep Things Tidy 

No matter how much you need to organize, you can find easy ways to tidy up around your home; the hardest work often comes from keeping things neat and organized. Take more time to relax by taking care of cleaning tasks daily. Empty the dishwasher in the mornings so that you can start loading the dirty dishes, and always put things back where they belong. Keeping large furniture close to the walls can make maneuvering around easier. For example, mounting your TV to the wall not only frees up more space to clean the entertainment center, it also makes the living room more visually appealing. If you simply cannot find the time to keep things tidy on your own, you don’t need to hire an organizing pro. But you may benefit from hiring a housekeeper to allow yourself more time for self-care and fun. 

Maintaining order and cleanliness in your home is a great way to experience more joy — you just don’t need an experienced professional to get your home organized. So, tackle that clutter on your own so you can stop feeling so stressed and start feeling more calm and accomplished. 

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