The Hidden Health Danger That Could Be Lurking Inside Your Home 

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The Hidden Health Danger That Could Be Lurking Inside Your Home 

Whether you’re a mom or a dad, your child’s health and happiness is always at the front of your mind. You make sure your child wears boots when it rains, and you fit healthy foods into their day, but what if what’s really making your kid sick is something you can’t even see? The air inside your home can be a health risk for your child, but unlike other unseen hazards, there are some simple steps you can take to protect them. 

Windsor Realty Services offers some issues to look out for, and how you can protect your child. 

How Your Home Can Make Your Child Sick 

No matter how many precautions you take, there can still be some serious health hazards present in your home. The air you and your child breathes can be filled with bits of mold, dangerous radon gas, and other pollutants that can cause serious illness. Indoor air pollutants have been linked to lower lung function and can lead to chronic health problems, such as asthma and even lung cancer. That can be scary to think about, but the good news is, you can take precautions to reduce pollutants inside your home. 

On top of that list should be a quality ventilation system. Proper ventilation can prevent dangerous gases from being locked inside your home and can also help reduce moisture-related mold buildup as well. Boosting home ventilation doesn’t have to cost a fortune (fresh air from outside can help), but it can definitely lessen the effects of air pollutants on your child’s lungs. 

What You Can Do to Reduce Allergens

If your child has allergies, you will need to take extra steps to keep the air in your home pure. Reducing allergens, like ragweed and mold, is one of the simplest ways to impact your child’s day-to-day health and happiness. A high-quality air purifier (many well-reviewed models retail for under $200) can help clean the air and take out the irritants that can cause allergic symptoms. 

Even if you use an air purifier, know that your fight against allergens shouldn’t stop there. You will need to make a regular habit of laundering any drapes, bedding, or rugs that are inside your home. These fabrics can easily trap dander, dust, and pollen and keep these particles circulating around your house. Routinely having furniture and rugs cleaned is a great way to ensure you’re getting rid of deeply ingrained allergens. Search for reputable furniture cleaning companies to find the right contractor. Top ratings and customer reviews will be tell-tale signs you’ve got a good candidate. Just be sure to confirm the type of cleaning products used to avoid adding new chemical allergens.  

When It May Be Time to See a Doctor 

Air pollution has been proven to have serious effects on children’s health. While taking precautions inside can help prevent these kinds of serious problems from forming, you also need to know when to make an appointment with the doctor to get your child checked out. Some signs of breathing issues in your child include slight wheezing, persistent or deep coughing, and even a lack of energy. A doctor can prescribe medications and treatments to help. If your child has difficulty breathing and you see symptoms like flaring of their nostrils or wheezing, skip the appointment and seek emergency medical help immediately. These may be symptoms of a severe allergic reaction or an asthma attack, but either way, getting help as soon as possible could potentially save your child’s life.

As a parent, your ability to protect your child from harm can be limited. But one aspect you do have control over is the quality of the air your child is breathing inside your home. Using a few basic precautions, like keeping things tidy and using a good ventilation system, can make a world of difference in the short- and long-term health of your kid. So help your child live a happy, healthy life by making sure the air inside your house is always clean. 

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